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CD design for The Phantoms' "The Phantoms", Rum Bar Records, Boston MA, 2016

Little Caesar CD back Little Caesar CD front

Little Caesar CD inside

Little Caesar CD 1 Little Caesar CD2

Digipak CD design for Little Caesar's "Brutally Honest – Live in Holland" 2CD set, Unison Music, Los Angeles CA, 2016
(Front cover illustration by Mickael Brunet)


The Dogs Fed Up cassette 2015

The Dogs Fed Up innerThe Dogs Fed Up outer

Retro cassette design for The Dogs' "Fed Up" limited edition reissue, Burger Records, Fullerton CA, 2015


Fentons - Front  Fentons - Back

CD design for The Fentons' "Little Window," Flamingo Records, Seattle WA, 2014


 King County Queens - Front  King County Queens - Back

CD design for Ladies & Gentlemen, Your King County Queens, Green Monkey Records, Seattle WA, 2013


 The Dogs - Front  The Dogs - Back

CD design for The Dogs' Hypersensitive, Detroit Records, Los Angeles CA, 2012


Twink CD front  Twink CD back

CD design for Twink The Wonder Kid's Matt Overhus's "Night on Rock Mountain", King Beagle Records, Seattle WA, 2010

UK Punk CD front  UK Punk CD back

CD design for personal compilation CD, U.K. Punk '76-'78, Tonepet Projects, Seattle WA

DMX CD front  DMX CD back

CD design for promotional CD, A World of Music, DMX Music, Seattle WA


  Think of the Good Times CD  Twisted Roots CD

CD designs for Think of the Good Times compilation and Twisted Roots, Dionysus Records, Burbank, CA


   Thrills CD  Volk Bros. CD

CD designs for Thrills (band) and The Volk Bros., Dionysus Records, Burbank CA


Bosse Sound CD  Dogs Suburban Nightmare CD  Honeyrider CD

CD designs for The Bosse Sound (compilation), The Dogs' Suburban Nightmare, and Honeyrider's Sunshine Skyway, Dionysus Records, Burbank CA


Geza X CD Power for Passion CD Live from the Masque CD

CD designs for Geza X's You Goddam Kids!, and Power for Passion and Live from the Masque (compilations),
Dionysus Records, Burbank CA


Shielded By Death 1 CD  Guillotined at the Hangar CD  Shielded by Death 3 CD

CD designs for Shielded By Death 1, 2 and 3 (compilations), Dionysus Records, Burbank CA


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