Print ad for Mackie's VLZ3 Series pro audio mixers, Spring 2008
Copy and art direction by Marshall Gooch

This man could use a vacation.

Take advantage of his obsession with the New VLZ3s.

We didn't think we could improve on the original VLZ mixers… at first. Then an over-achieving engineer decided to try it. First he made a more musical 3-band EQ. Then he came up with the new XDR2 mic preamp, one with more consistent frequency response across the entire gain range. We figured that was it. Didn't hear from him for awhile. Then he burst in showing how his new summing bus lets you add more signals together without running into clipping.

OK, OK we thought. Give it a rest! But he couldn't be stopped. He started doing things like rounding off corners, building a clever handle right into the mixer… he even made the silkscreening on it EASIER TO READ. It got so out of hand, our HR department advised us to make him take some time off. So we did. But not before we put all of his improvements into the new VLZ3 mixers.

Mackie VLZ3 ad


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